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We breed our own horses for sale from the finest bloodlines.  We also take horses on consignment and have a network that can find the right horse for you.  We stand by our recommendations.  We want you to find that right horse.

Name: R & S Esperanza
Sex: Mare
PFHA Registration 57,293
DOB: March 25, 2012
Age/ Gender:  2012 Mare
Color: Chestnut
Description: Star. No leg markings. Genetic tested.
Price: $8500.00

Sire: Montecristo del Paso - PFHA 42,408
Dam: La Reina de la Fgata
PFHA #40,092 
See attachment for detailed lineage

R&S Esperanza, aka Buttons, was raised and trained at the R&S Paso Fino Ranch. Esperanza received imprint training from birth and continued groundwork training through the age of 3.5 years. To date, Esperanza's saddle training has exceeded 1.5 years. She continues to be ridden and trained on average of 3-4 hours a week. Esperanza excels at trail-riding and is show-ready. Please refer to the video to see Esperanza in action on the R&S obstacle course.
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