R & S Paso Fino

About the Trainer

Rick Shaffer is the full time trainer at R&S Paso Fino Stables. Rick is a unique horse trainer who brings out the best in horse and rider.

Horses respond to Rick’s
compassionate, patient and consistent training methods.

Owners feel very comfortable with Rick’s
unhurried, individualized instructions.

Rick’s teaching ensures that owners have the skills and confidence to build and maintain the all-important bond with their horses which will serve them well in all equine pursuits.
Rick is a 
- Recorded USEF Judge 
- Certified Judge for the Paso Fino Horse Assoc.
- Equine Clinician who tailors clinics for clients
- Paso Fino Professional Trainer
- 4-H Leader

Individualized Training for horse and rider

 Rick personalizes his training program to maximize each horse’s potential and each owner’s success.  After conducting personal interviews with the owner to learn their objectives, Rick candidly evaluates the horse’s ability to meet those goals.

The Horse—Rick concentrates on a series ground exercises designed to improve the responsiveness, flexibility and coordination of the horse.  With consistent and compassionate training, he achieves the best conditioned and well behaved horse.

Rick assesses the riding ability and confidence of the owner.  Then works cooperatively with the rider to advance the skills necessary to  excel in the show ring or on the trail.

The Results—A successful equine team.


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